Jar of Drops

Jar of Drops

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These cute little drops are great for those who want to choose the amount of wax to burn!!

These come in a jar and contain the same amount of wax as you would get in a wax bar but are little drops instead.

Using the cute little scoop, simply scoop up the amount you want to pop in your wax burner.

A little or a lot it is entirely up to you!!

We have fun with our colour combinations. The colours may differ from those shown. The fragrance will still be amazing!!

Do not leave your burner unattended while it is on. Each wax melt should last up to 8 hour, however, we do not recommend using for more than 4 hours at a time. 

Once the burner is lit do not move. place on a flat surface away from any thing flammable and away from any draft.

The wax will be hot when melted. Let cool completely before touching.